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Now here is the tutorial on “How you can Jailbreak your iPhone 4S“. The iDev team successfully found out a exploit that can Jailbreak the iPhone to run third party applications. For the newbies its very important that they have clear cut idea as to what Jailbreaking means.

Jailbreaking means that removing restrictions which are enforced by Apple to run third party applications on any device running on iOS operating system like iPhone, iPad and iPod. It allows users to access all the apps that are inaccessible on the Apple’s official App store. After Jailbreaking automatically an App called Cydia gets installed on your device through which you can download other apps, extensions and themes which are not authorized by Apple.

Now lets start the Tutorial, where we will Jailbreak iPhone 4S by simple Command line interface (CLI) in Windows.


  • A device running iOS 5.0.1 OS.
  • Windows 7 (any edition)

Safety Measures

  • Close all other applications on your device.
  • Make sure you have iTunes installed.
  • Your device is plugged in.
iPhone 4S How to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S using CMD in Windows


Step 1)  First download & extract the RedSn0w CLI tool 0.4.3 for Windows from here. Remember the path of the folder where you have extracted the tool.
Step 2)  After doing this connect your iPhone to your PC. Make sure the device is plugged in.

Step 3)  Now, run Command prompt in your windows as an Administrator. In cmd, move to the directory where you have extracted the folder named cinject_0.4.3 (the name of the tool). I am presuming that you know how to navigate to a file in cmd. You can use cd command.

Step 4)  After you are into the directory it would look somewhat like this C:cinjetcinject_0.4.3>  here, I have the name of the folder as cinjet, it may be different in your case according to the directory you have extracted into.
Step 5)  Enter the following command
                   >cinject -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig
After this you will be prompted with an Install Profile dialog box, you have to accept the profile by tapping on the Install option and then click Next.
Step 6)  Now back to the cmd enter these two commands
                  >cinject -j payloads
                  >cinject -w
Step 7)  Be relaxed, we are almost done. On your iPhone move to Settings option -> Network -> VPN , and switch it ON. After some    time it will give an error like this  ”A configuration error occurred” , do not panic its normal.
Step 8) Just after a few seconds your iPhone will restart, you will see some warning & errors running on your cmd. But just leave that as it is. Finally you will see some commands running like this.
                >iPhone cleanup[***]: Removing Webclip
                >iPhone jailbreak[***]: Installing filemover…
Eureka, you have successfully Jailbreaked your iPhone. Now you can see Cydia application installed on your springboard( desktop). Your questions and suggestions are welcomed. Thank You !!!
Disclaimer : Jailbreaking is a risky task to perform and if not properly implemented may eventually brick your cellphone. You are yourself responsible for following the above mentioned steps. Technogiantz will not stand responsible in any case.



Recently, we got to see the latest update for Apple OS i.e., iOS 6.1.3. It was primarily released to fix the bug that allowed any attacker to gain access to the phone’s data by bypassing the Lock Screen. The Emergency Call feature allowed user to gain access to anybody’s private data through a particular code.

But it seems that things are not in favour of Apple, as now a Dutch Website has reportedly published a video demonstrating a new Lock Screen vulnerability which can let any unauthorized user to gain access to phone’s contact and images. Yes, the only that will be compromised will be the Contacts, Images and the Call logs.

Perhaps, there is a good news for you, as this vulnerability can be avoided by just disabling the Voice call Feature of iPhone/iPod. The trick is very simple a user just dials “123” using the Voice Call functionality. A window pops us for the confirmation of the call (like, dialing 123) as soon as the windows pops up just remove the SIM card from the device and the call will end forcefully. Thus, bypassing the Lock Screen authentication.


Now, you will have the access to the contact, images and call history of the device. In order to safeguard yourself from the attack just disable the Voice Call Feature on your device. On iPhone 5, you need to disable Siri to use Voice Call. You can disable the feature by moving to,

Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock

Having said that, Apple now might be thinking of upgrading to another version of iOS so that the threat can be avoided. You can also refer to the original video which describes the process of bypassing and then safeguarding your device to the attack.

YouTube Video Link

It’s not the first time that these kind of vulnerabilities are found in Smartphones. Few days, back a bug was found on Samsung Galaxy S III which allows complete Lock Screen bypass.

We would love to hear from you regarding any successful bypass on your iPhone or iPod.


Apple App Store offers an outstanding and up to date list of the best app running in the market. iPhone is an integral part of your closet which you use almost every hour. Certainly, there comes the need to use state-of-art apps which define your interest and also that helps in your professional career. Technology has found an important place in Medical Science and new technological innovations are underway.

medical Top 10 Essential iPhone Apps for Doctors and Medical Students

This post is specially meant for Doctors and Medical Students who are in search for advice and consultancy online. Surgical instruments, essential devices may not be available round the clock and with technological advancements coming up these days you are required to gather all of them within few clicks. There are some wonderful apps which can solve the purpose as they provide a easy to use interface for carrying out simulation of various injuries and surgeries.

The list contains information about some essential apps that you should include into your app compendium, specially if you are a medical student or a Doctor. It is a mixed collection of both Paid and Free iPhone Apps.

Top 10 Essential iPhone Apps for Doctors and Medical Students

#1. Heart Pro III

Paid – $2.99

This app, offered by 3D4 Medical in conjunction with Stanford University School of Medicine, allows users to rotate, cut, and label different components of a realistic 3D heart. This latest version contains many improvement which include, complete 360 degree 3D horizontal degree rotation of any body part with a swipe of your finger, 19 free & 51 paid animations, 2 types of Quiz, 62 images isolating elements of the heart.

#2. Epocrates


This app is freely available across many mobile platforms including., Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Epocrates is a trusted clinical resource which helps in better patient care by delivering right information at the time it is required. More than 1 Million active members including 50 per cent US Physicians rely on this app to provide accurate and effective solution to there regular problems. It also perform dozens of calculations, such as BMI and GFR and timely medical news and research information.

#3. Medscape


Medscape is used by more than 3 million healthcare professionals throughout the world and was the most downloaded app in Medical category in the year 2010. Developed by WebMD, Medscape provides Medical news and critical alerts in 34 specialty areas. It has a large pool of clinical resource which includes., 4,000+ evidence-based articles, 600+ step-by-step procedure videos, 100+ tables & protocols and Medical Calculators.

#4. Anesthesiology i-pocketcards

Paid – $3.99

Developed by Börm Bruckmeier Publishing, this app is a concise clinical reference guide with a compilation of scores, classifications, algorithms, and dosage information necessary for the anesthesiologist’s environment. It also contains an effective fluids and electrolytes management system, a table of anti-coagulation and neuraxial anesthesia, and special information about cardiothoracic and obstetric anesthesia.

#5. Eye Chart


This is a great little app when you’re triaging, and can’t get the formal eyechart posted somewhere else in your department. Eye chart is used by eye care professionals and others to measure visual acuity. Snellen charts are named after the Dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snellen who developed the chart in 1862.

#6. Doximity


Meant for US Physicians only, this app proves to be an effective and reliable medium to communicate and keep up with other medical peers. There are already 1 lac Doctors on this network and is considered as the most powerful medical directory and communication tool in the world. This app can really help you in building your Social and Professional Network if you are a newbie in Medical field.

#7. The ECG Guide

Paid – 55 INR

ECG Guide is a reservoir if around 200 examples of common and uncommon ECGs. It also incorporates ECG Interpreter which help sin stepwise assistance with ECG interpretation. You can also test your knowledge with 100 multiple-choice quiz questions updated regularly.

#8. MedCalc

Paid – 110 INR

This Medical Calculator helps to sort out complex medical calculations and problems using a simple UI. MedCalc continues to be the best and trusted medical calculator of all time for medical personnels providing easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications. It features a Customizable list of favorite equations too.

#9. Psych Terms


Verbal skills are must for any profession and the same goes for medical science too, with access to 1000+ frequently used psychiatric and mental health terms, phrases and definitions, Psych Terms continues to remain a quick and handy reference for both physicians and students. Surprisingly, these all words are available offline i.e., you don’t need a internet or Wi-Fi connection to access the resource.

#10. Pocket Lab Values

Paid – $2.99

Mathematical figures and values are quiet complicated and tedious to remember, so a ready reference to this stuff is necessary. Pocket Lab Values is the perfect companion for health professionals with access to over 320 common and uncommon lab values. Despite, of many apps providing the same feature, Pocket Lab Values contains more lab values than any other app on the store because of the consistent effort and feedback it takes from its users.

Does any of your favourite app made a miss from the list ?? It will be highly appreciated if you report the same to us and which will subsequently help us in mending the article too. 


After days of speculations and anticipation the most awaited gadget of the year is finally ready to rock n roll. Here is Apple iPhone 5, the world was consistently having an eye on the press conference event today at San Franscisco and Apple’s Phill Schiller finally wrapped off the curtains from there first 4G LTE flagship smartphone. The specs are almost the same as in the leaked report.

Apple iPhone 5 sports a 4.0-inch retina display which boasts a resolution of 1136 x 640 p with pixel density of 326 ppi. The phone has been designed and manufactured completely using Glass and aluminummetal and is 7.6mm thick, weighs nearly 112 gms. When compared with its predecessor, iPhone 4S, it weighs 20% lighter and 18 % thinner than iPhone 5.

Capture2 Apple wraps off its first 4G LTE flagship smartphone; Apple iPhone 5 [Price, Specs & features]

Apple’s new product which has been titled as the “most beautiful product it has ever made” said by Phill Schiller, runs on a powerful A6 processor which promises better performance with less powerconsumption, the rear snapper has also been elevated to 8 MP and has better image quality, Low-light mode, Smart filters,Panorama and Spatial noise reduction options available this time. The company said it can click photos 40% more faster than the previous iPhone.

Capture1 Apple wraps off its first 4G LTE flagship smartphone; Apple iPhone 5 [Price, Specs & features]

Apple has changed its interface too for iPhone 5, with iOS  6.0 running at the top, it will feature the apps in 5 rows and will have 4 shortcut icons at the bottom. On the connectivity front, it has 4G LTE connectivity which would be available on major carriers including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T. Also, the phone now has enhanced version of Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n/a which will run in 5 Ghz frequency  band making it faster by 5X.

Let’s Sum up the specification sheet for Apple iPhone 5.


  • 4.0-inch Retina display (1136 x 640 p)Capture3 Apple wraps off its first 4G LTE flagship smartphone; Apple iPhone 5 [Price, Specs & features]
  • Thickness :- 7.6mm
  • Weight :- 112 gms
  • Operating system – iOS 6.0
  • Faster A6 chip processor
  • Storage – 16GB/32GB/64GB
  • 8 MP camera
  • Low-light mode, Smart filters,
  • Spatial noise reduction
  • FaceTime Front camera for video calling
  • Connectivity – Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n/a, 4G LTE
  • 3G, GPS, single radio, 3 microphones
  • New 9-pin dock connector
  • Siri (Voice recognition app)

The phone is empowered by a powerful battery which offers back-up time of 8 hrs on LTE or 3G browsing, 10 hrs of Wi-fi browsing & video playback, 40 hrs of music playback and 225 hrs of stand-by time.

Price & Availability

The phone will be shipped starting from Sept 19th and you can pre-order the device from Sept 14th . Apple iphone 5 will be available for pre -order in many known countries including , USA, UK , France, HongKong, Japan. The price details are enclosed below :-

  • Apple iPhone 5 (16 GB) – $199
  • Apple iPhone 5(32 GB) – $299
  • Apple iPhone 5 (64 GB) – $399 

The release date for iOS 6 has been set to Sept 19th and meanwhile Apple has announced that iPhone 4S would.


Amazon underground Apk for Andriod and Pc

Coming to the modern world most of the people are habituated to the online shopping and the Amazon is the most trending and everyone gets attracted to it.regarding to the Amazon app it had bring most featured app known as Amazon underground App.it is easily available on Amazon website .it is all because it provide most advanced and features things to the underground app Amazon store to download ,apps,games,for free and great deals regarding to the Amazon shopping ,free in app purchase ,top grossing games ,and many more that attracts you is all for free for Amazon underground users .and here iam going to explain you briefly about how to download and install the Amazon underground app for Andriod versions and pc.Check below for more information.

Here some of top features of Amazon underground app are mention below

  • Offers that are reasonable and most exciting only on Amazon underground app.
  • Free in App purchase,games ,apps over $ 20,000 are there for you for free.
  • Free popular title versions like Frozen free wall,star wars a rebels Angry birds slingshot stella and many more for you.
  • Amazon underground app is available for Andriod and fire tablet
    How to download and install Amazon underground app.
    Download the Amazon underground app for Andriod by the below given download link.
  • After the completion of download go to the settings and then to the security settings and then followed by the unknown resources.
  • Now click on the install button for the installation on your smart phones and open it.
  • Repeat the same process for the installation of fire tablet.
    How to download and install for pc.
  • To run the any Andriod apps on your pc you need an an Andriod emulator on your systems.
  • So the best Andriod emulator is Bluestack app media player .so download blue stack media app player on your devices.
  • And open Apk file in Bluestack App player and open in it.
  • Click below download button for the download of Amazon underground app.

Why and how to Use Es file explorer for Andriod

A Andriod device is a combination of system files,user file documents,games videos,audios and many more and had a capability of handling a large number of file explorers some other times it’s become more difficult to maintain .So to avoid such type of difficulties .ES file explorer is came into the existence to customize file manager to give you a more inbuilt features like copy,paste ,cut,delete or rename files and shifting of files and data from internal memory to the external sd card and to extract RaR files or Zip files to RaR .so by using the Es File Explorer app the user can be access by the remote storage .so the more features and the advantages of the Es Explorer had explained below for more feature.Image result for es file explorer

Features of ES file Explorer

  • by using this  app we can have great security and safe file manager
  • by using the file customising you can cut, copy, paste, rename, or delete any file on your devices
  • extraction of Zip files to Rar files or Rar to Zip files
  • everthing that you need is built inside.no use of external hardware because of inbuilt system
  • different devices can be handled on any files .and the connection is provided .and transfering of files from either desktop or Tv
  • cloud storage and Remote File transfer
  • capable of wi fi file transfer and root manager
  • Cache/junk cleaner battery saver customising themes,and many more that makes you as this was the best app .
    How to Download and install ES File Explorer APk
    downloading and installation of ES file explorer APK  on your mobiles  makes easy one by following the procedure that had explained for you guys
  • Go to the main menu of your smart phones and click on the Google play store
  • and search on the searching option provided for you for your ES file Explorer
  • After the extraction of app click the download and then followed by the install oneImage result for es file explorer
  • now the app is get ready to use on your smartphone
  • so that was an easy process that one could may know how to download and install an app from Google play store
    So in order to download Apk files for Es file explorer
  • go to the settings and then  security settings and follwed by the enabling of unknow resources for the instalation of unknown apps
  • and the it was easy to download and install Apk fileImage result for download button
    Download and install of ES file Explorer Apk file on your pc
  • in order to run the Andriod  files on your pc you need Andriod emulator on your pc .so you need to down BLUE STACK App player and it was known as best Andriod emulator to be used by every one
  • open Apk file in BLUE stack file and enjoy the use of this App
  • the same procedure is followed by the usage of any Andriod systems
  • So the was the peocedure for the Download of ES file Explorer Apk fileImage result for download button

Root Explorer Apk Download For Andriod &Pc

Rooting one ‘s Andriod mobiles provides the users to operate and change the system files and  each and every user may change their default rom with some other customized roms .Rooting one”s mobiles is the process of formatting the all junk and unused permissions to be use more and much fantastic apps like Busy box ,booble , and many more apps that are providing fantastic features to your devices.So coming to the reference of the Root explorer it is a Andriod file manager applications for rooted devices which had a capable to users to see and change any andriod files, unzipping files ,data manager,and many more files that have to be encrypted and hidden files .for more features of this app. Look at below lines for more information regarding with the Root explore Apk file.

Root Explorer Apk Download

Features Of Root Explorer For Android :

  • It can  accessed for the Andriod system above 2.33.
  • Built in SQlite database viewer.
  • it can support for Magisk V6 and PHH.
  • Zip files to Rar or EXTRACT RAR files or any other Zipped folder.
  • It can copy ,cut ,paste rename or delete any other files in background -file customizing.
  • Streaming of video and audio files from network and cloud to media player applications.
  • Cloud storage and multiple supports [Google drive ,Drop box and Network -smb]

    HOW to Download And Install Root explorer Apk

Generally the app is available in Google play store app for pad of rs 250 inr for itunes and some other apps stores .so to ease that problem here we are providing the for FREE  download .so to get this app for free follow the below provided link and get FREE download and they amazing features of this app on your smart Andriod mobiles
so to Download the ROOT EXplorer click on the below provided Download button
After downloading the app go to your mobile setting and next security settings to unknown resources
so now what are looking for is now on your mobiles go throught it and the press the install button to enjoy the app

How to Download the Root explorer for Pc and Computer

so basically every person know that they need to posses Andriod Emulator on their systems to run Andriod apps .so from my references BLUESTACK is the best Andriod emulator to be get accessed by ur systems

  • so download BLUESTACK on your systems and get installed and u have to need apk file of Root explorer.
  • open Apk file in Bluestack and now install Apk file in bluestack file and enjoy the Root explorer.



Pokesniper Apk Download For Andriod and Pc

Pokesniper Apk Download For Andriod


Pokemon go is the most trending game around the world . each and every one was in search of to catch the best pokemons .so to catch the best pokemons an app was designed for users name as Pokesniper app which helps you to catch the best pokemons along the all directions around you and many of you are finding most of the difficulties to catch the rare pokemons .to show your friends .so to avoid the facing of such diffuculties .a new app is designed for u to hack all the pokemons .named as pokesniper.To know the more feauters and advantages of it are described below

Features of pokesniper app

  • No ban threat for using Pokesniper App
  • you can hack the most valuable pokemons
  • no need of Rooting your mobiles
  • A single click can locate the exact position of Pokemon
  • Easy to install and use

How to downlod Pokesniper Apk

Mostly some of the apps which are used to hack the games are not supported by Google play store.The reason behind is because you can’t find Pokesniper on Google play App ,so to avoid such difficulty the Apk file is designed to download and install such type of Apps.

Tutorial For How to Download And Install Apk file On Your mobiles

These information is regarding to the fresh users who are using Apk file for the first time .Download the Pokesniper Apk file to your devices .Go to the settings and again go the Security Setting and click on to the option “unknown sources.and allow your device to access the installation of apps from unknown sources .And open the Apk file to start the process of installation .

And finally click on the button of installation successfully .And you will find Apk file on your Apps in Gallery and ready in use for your requirements .



Sb Game Hacker Download For Andriod

Sb game hacker is amazing andriod apk which is used to hack most popular games like Temple run, candy crush ,subway surfers ,and many more .and this app will help you to complete the missions and to clear the clear the levels of any andriod games .and it can posses many extraordinary features along with this some of them are listed below .

sb game hacker can also get download through this site given by a refer link that is mentioned below .To download this app u must have to root because this app supports only to the devices which are rooted completely

Sb Game Hacker Download For Andriod

How to hack andriod games by using sb game hacker ? no need of worrying about it guys .just download and enjoy the features of this app.because it is easy to operate.

Check : Wifi Hacker App for iphone

Advantages of Sb Game Hacker

Coming to advantages of sb game hacker they are unlimited some of them are listed below

  • Sb game hacker apk will provide you with a search option called FUZZY SEARCH .You can use this Fuzzy search for a value of a resource game and required resources will be added to the game instantly.
  • You may have a source to change the game with this app.it makes u crazy and you may have an opportunity to change the editing sources of the game.
  • It may provides the games for you free download and boost u r devices more and more.
  • getting more and more benefits by using this app.and you can enjoy yourself  as a self satisfactions user.

  • how to download and use the sb game hacker for u rooted devices is very easy and simple process.
  • click the below given download link and enjoy the great and extradionary features that have been provided for you.
    click below to download sb game hacker for andriod apk download for 3.6 version.

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download 2017 for free

Importance of whatsapp plus apk download

hello guys  here it is  a most important fact about whatsapp plus most of the users said that whatsapp plus is not working anymore but today it came into a existance of wid a great features in which every user gets attracted more than the functions of a whatsapp and working along with the features of the whatsapp becoz is was mostly developed by the great software developer by the name RALFANSE. previously we are shared how to use GB whatsapp regarding with respect to andriod device .but whatsapp plus can  made a user more realistic post regarding to share

How can we download whatsapp plus for any andriod users

Whatsapp plus is arrived with with the modern technological features by which every one gets loved by its features which a normal whatsapp cant  do many ticks is done by the whatsapp plus with a wide variety of tricks .That was liked by the every user .here iam going to make u know the features of whatsapp plus dat u may get excited by seeing it features  u can change the theme of u r whatsapp and we can pass it to your friends .and they can load their files on their devices .and whatsapp plus may get into the whatsapp with out doing any minor modifications .so we can run our whatsapp plus along with the whatsapp  and we can enjoy its new specifications satisfying our needs.now common guys  so check out here for whatsapp plus app and get download with u r favorite features and enjoy with unlimited offers .so with the new trending and ultimate features download whatsapp plus on u r devices and get installed.

You can easily get installed whatsapp plus most of the users gets difficulties to get installed of app. so the developer made easy to get an installation of whatsapp plus made easy one become it most important features .with this you can change the themes launchers and icons so on..with this u can easily get backup applications of your devices.

whatsapp plus is came with the most privacy features  such as hide last seen hide online status and many other tricks u may learn by getting downloaded .some of the features of whatsapp plus may described below to get a clear idea about it and whatsapp plus may arrived with a ultimate and undefinedable features  we can hide last seen ,blue ticks and second ticks  and we can share pdf file type formats and we can send images videos up to a great extent to which it might have possibilities and we can change theme easily and its get locked by you in which third one cant get by your privacy .and you can change font styles with u r wishing styles.and compare to the whatsapp whats app plus gets the increment of status characters rather the 255 .and sharing of high quality of images  status clipboard which copies of any one status.

click here to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Finally regarding with respect to the whatsapp plus app is to to enjoy the most upgraded by the modern features which more trending and advantages compared with whatsapp and many more.