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Bug Found on iOS 6.1.3 allows Lock Screen Bypass

Recently, we got to see the latest update for Apple OS i.e., iOS 6.1.3. It was primarily released to fix the bug that allowed any attacker to gain access to the phone’s data by bypassing the Lock Screen. The Emergency Call feature allowed user to gain access to anybody’s private data through a particular code.

But it seems that things are not in favour of Apple, as now a Dutch Website has reportedly published a video demonstrating a new Lock Screen vulnerability which can let any unauthorized user to gain access to phone’s contact and images. Yes, the only that will be compromised will be the Contacts, Images and the Call logs.

Perhaps, there is a good news for you, as this vulnerability can be avoided by just disabling the Voice call Feature of iPhone/iPod. The trick is very simple a user just dials “123” using the Voice Call functionality. A window pops us for the confirmation of the call (like, dialing 123) as soon as the windows pops up just remove the SIM card from the device and the call will end forcefully. Thus, bypassing the Lock Screen authentication.


Now, you will have the access to the contact, images and call history of the device. In order to safeguard yourself from the attack just disable the Voice Call Feature on your device. On iPhone 5, you need to disable Siri to use Voice Call. You can disable the feature by moving to,

Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock

Having said that, Apple now might be thinking of upgrading to another version of iOS so that the threat can be avoided. You can also refer to the original video which describes the process of bypassing and then safeguarding your device to the attack.

YouTube Video Link

It’s not the first time that these kind of vulnerabilities are found in Smartphones. Few days, back a bug was found on Samsung Galaxy S III which allows complete Lock Screen bypass.

We would love to hear from you regarding any successful bypass on your iPhone or iPod.

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