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How to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S using CMD in Windows

Now here is the tutorial on “How you can Jailbreak your iPhone 4S“. The iDev team successfully found out a exploit that can Jailbreak the iPhone to run third party applications. For the newbies its very important that they have clear cut idea as to what Jailbreaking means.

Jailbreaking means that removing restrictions which are enforced by Apple to run third party applications on any device running on iOS operating system like iPhone, iPad and iPod. It allows users to access all the apps that are inaccessible on the Apple’s official App store. After Jailbreaking automatically an App called Cydia gets installed on your device through which you can download other apps, extensions and themes which are not authorized by Apple.

Now lets start the Tutorial, where we will Jailbreak iPhone 4S by simple Command line interface (CLI) in Windows.


  • A device running iOS 5.0.1 OS.
  • Windows 7 (any edition)

Safety Measures

  • Close all other applications on your device.
  • Make sure you have iTunes installed.
  • Your device is plugged in.
iPhone 4S How to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S using CMD in Windows


Step 1)  First download & extract the RedSn0w CLI tool 0.4.3 for Windows from here. Remember the path of the folder where you have extracted the tool.
Step 2)  After doing this connect your iPhone to your PC. Make sure the device is plugged in.

Step 3)  Now, run Command prompt in your windows as an Administrator. In cmd, move to the directory where you have extracted the folder named cinject_0.4.3 (the name of the tool). I am presuming that you know how to navigate to a file in cmd. You can use cd command.

Step 4)  After you are into the directory it would look somewhat like this C:cinjetcinject_0.4.3>  here, I have the name of the folder as cinjet, it may be different in your case according to the directory you have extracted into.
Step 5)  Enter the following command
                   >cinject -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig
After this you will be prompted with an Install Profile dialog box, you have to accept the profile by tapping on the Install option and then click Next.
Step 6)  Now back to the cmd enter these two commands
                  >cinject -j payloads
                  >cinject -w
Step 7)  Be relaxed, we are almost done. On your iPhone move to Settings option -> Network -> VPN , and switch it ON. After some    time it will give an error like this  ”A configuration error occurred” , do not panic its normal.
Step 8) Just after a few seconds your iPhone will restart, you will see some warning & errors running on your cmd. But just leave that as it is. Finally you will see some commands running like this.
                >iPhone cleanup[***]: Removing Webclip
                >iPhone jailbreak[***]: Installing filemover…
Eureka, you have successfully Jailbreaked your iPhone. Now you can see Cydia application installed on your springboard( desktop). Your questions and suggestions are welcomed. Thank You !!!
Disclaimer : Jailbreaking is a risky task to perform and if not properly implemented may eventually brick your cellphone. You are yourself responsible for following the above mentioned steps. Technogiantz will not stand responsible in any case.


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